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The YZF-R1 Forum was the first place in the world for prospective R1 owners to exchange info. In it's 3rd reincarnation, the YZF-R1 Forum is still alive and better than ever. The YZF-R1 Forum is basically an archieved database of R1 related postings. If you have an R1 question, it's probably already been asked and answered here. Click below to go to the YZFR1 Forum.


And don't forget the YZF-R1 Forum Members Photo Page! If you participate in the YZF-R1 Forum, send a pic on in. "R1 Babes" pics are always happily accepted! See the page for details.



The R1 Mailist is just like any other internet mailist. When you join, expect to receive anywhere from 20-60 pieces of R1 email each day. There is also a digest version and archieves dating back to before any of us received our R1's (what an unpatient bunch we were!) For R1 Mailist, Digest, Archieve and more info, click below:


The EXUP Brotherhood is another internet mailist. This mailist has been alive for approximately 4 years. This is a much larger mailist that generates anywhere from 50-100 pieces of email each day. Currently, there are around 200 members. Topics on the EXUP Brotherhood list vary wildly as this is a much looser list than the R1 list. To subscribe to the EXUP Brotherhood, send an email to:
You do not need to type anything in subject or text body. You will receive a confirmation email giving further instructions.


Yamaha Japan, USA, Europe and Australia Goto Page

Motorcycle Online's Best of the Best Test (No VFR800 thank god)

Motorcycle Online's YZF-R1 vs. Ducati 916SPS Test

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