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The Yamaha Worldwide EXUP Brotherhood is an internet based motorcycle club which was created approximately 4 years ago by various members in the United States and Europe. The common bond for club members is the Yamaha EXUP valve (EXhaust Utlimate Powervalve). However, we have many club members with non-exup valved bikes such as the FZR & YZF 600's. Over the years the EXUP Brotherhood has expanded to many countries all over the world. Membership floats from around 150-250 people at any one time. If you're wondering why a name like EXUP Brotherhood was chosen, it's a European thing. Over in Europe, FZR1000's have been known as "EXUP'S" for years. The Official EXUP Brotherhood Homepage can be found at Many members have their own individual EXUP Brotherhood pages just like this one.

Joining the Yamaha Worldwide EXUP Brotherhood is easy. Just send an e-mail to In the text body just type SUBSCRIBE EXUP-BROTHERHOOD You will then be added to our mailist. Expect to receive 20-50 messages a day from this list.